CELEBRATE! Cartoon hit, Bluey, returns for 52 NEW episodes on Aussie TV!

All the details on the second season of every kids' favourite show!

May 16 2019

Woo Hoo!

Everyone's favourite Blue Heeler is coming back! Yes, that's right. You can breathe a sigh of relief that Bandit, Chili, Bluey and Bingo are returning for NEW 52 episodes on ABC - so you won't have to keep watching the same episodes on repeat!

Unfortunately that won't be til next year but hey... at least we know it's on its way!

A statement from ABC and ABC KIDS says, "Bluey will play fun and elaborate new games with her sister Bingo. Chili's relationship with her girls will be further explored as she juggles work and family life; Bandit returns with his wry sense of humour and we'll meet more of Bluey and Bingo's family and friends."





Bluey is the MOST watched children's TV series on the whole of Australian TV this year and it has clocked up, wait for it, a massive 75 million downloads from ABC iview which is the most of any TV show, ever!

When the news was announced on ABC Kids For Parents Facebook page, more than 1.6k of parents started commenting how happy and relieved they were. 

'The best day of my life!!!!" said one over-excited parent.

"WOOT! Christmas has come early," said another. 


But parents also took this as an opportunity to beg the ABC to put ALL episodes of the cartoon on iview, rather than just the 26.

"Why oh why can't you just put the episodes up on iview NOW!' said a frustrated mother. 

ABC KIDS says that they try to rotate the episodes and in a lengthy response perplexed us all by saying, "it's a balancing act to determine the optimal number of episodes to rotate and refresh each day to help pre-schoolers experience the program in a way that is manageable for them."

However, they did say that Bluey will DEFINITELY stay on iview for the rest of the year. 

Parents have also been clamouring for Bluey products and merchandise and while there's no word on official products, you can download a party pack of your favourite Blue Heeler family RIGHT HERE!

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