Kids favourite cartoon dog, Bluey, releases official products - and parents LOSE THEIR MINDS!

There's been no official merchandise until now...

April 29 2019

He's quickly become every pre-schoolers favourite cartoon hero, but until now Bluey - the Australian Blue Cattle Dog - has had NO official merchandise for parents to get their hands on. 

Bluey cartoons appear on Aussie TV on ABC4Kids, and parents have been clamouring to buy Bluey products for their kids (and see more episodes on iView but that's another story...)

There are still no DVDs, lunch boxes or t-shirts to buy BUT you can now get a birthday party pack so every Bluey fan can celebrate their birthday in style with bunting and cake toppers featuring Coco, Bluey, Bingo and Snickers. 



Bluey fans were alerted to this excitement by the Facebook group I Bought It At... who were beyond excited with the news and started tagging each other in a frenzy!

Then on the ABC4Kids Facebook page hundreds of people started getting VERY excited and began begging for DVDs and for EVERY single episode to appear on ABC iView!

'DVDs and merchandise please! Yay free ABC downloads, but also yay capitalism (sometimes),' said one.

Another said, 'Aww no birthdays until November for us! Maybe I'll make cakes with cake toppers for fun to celebrate the end of school holidays 😁'

You can download the special Bluey party pack by going here




Is your toddler or pre-school ADDICTED to Bluey?

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