Toddler killed & twin brother injured after L-plate driver reverses into them

This is horrific.

April 28 2019

A toddler has died and his twin brother is in hospital after they were hit by a reversing car, driven by a 16-year-old in a coastal town near Brisbane.

Police were called to a block of units following an emergency call about the two children who had been hit on Thornside Road in Thornside just after 3.30pm on Saturday.

A three-year-old boy was pronounced dead at the scene and his three-year-old brother was taken to hospital with minor injuries, Queensland Police said.



The driver of the car, a 16-year-old boy, was taken to hospital with shock.

The Courier-Mail reports a witness heard the mother of the boys scream, "No" before holding the unresponsive little boy in her arms.


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