Mum SLAMMED for “healthy” sausage rolls that are RETURNED by child's preschool


Writer / April 25 2019

An Australian Mum was left horrified after teacher banned her son from eating the homemade sausage rolls she packed in his lunchbox.

The mum said she sent her little boy to preschool with 'healthy' sausage rolls packed full of vegies, which were accompanied by fruits, vegies, cheese and protein balls.

However, the uneaten baked goods were returned home with a “condescending” note from the teacher for being too high in fat under strict food guidelines.

The note read: “Let's work together to make it easier for children to make healthy choices! There were lots of great choices in this lunchbox however...

'Sausage rolls [are] too high in fat... (Please provide nutrient value if they are homemade),' the teacher wrote, adding a smiley face.

“The food did not 'fit with our service's nutrition guidelines. For some healthier lunchbox ideas, ask an educator, or go to the Good for Kids website.’”

The mum took to the Mums Who Cook & Bake Facebook page to express her frustration after receiving the note.

“So I cooked my butt off... included in the cook were sausage rolls loaded with veg I sent them off to preschool with them to return along with this note,” she said.

“They will still get eaten it's just so frustrating.

“In my opinion these sausage rolls are pretty healthy for him I will be sending the information back to the school,” she said.

“They do not allow the food item to be eaten once they attach the note I had a feeling this would happen so I packed extra for him. I also packed two Milo balls just to see if they also said no to them, guess what they were allowed.”

Parents were quick to lash back at the unreasonable stance taken by the school.

“That's ridiculous! If they're going to be policing lunchboxes, they should provide lunch then, just like they do around the world,” one commenter said.

Another added: “Preschool teachers are not nutritionists. I'd be furious. How dare they.”

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