Best new shows on Netflix for kids

Check out the top new releases for family viewing

October 24 2018

Get the popcorn on and settle in for movie night with the whole family with these new releases from Netflix. From Boss Baby to Tarzan and Jane, there's something for everyone!

Creeped Out
This kids anthology series features spine-shivering tales of sinister neighbors, creepy ghouls, technology out of control and more.

Super Monsters Save Halloween
It’s Halloween, and the Super Monsters are ready to celebrate -- with candy, costumes and music to get you in the mood!

Super Monsters: Season 2
With curious new student Spike in the mix, the Super Monsters use their powers to solve problems -- and conquer their fears about growing up.

Tarzan and Jane: Season 2
Tarzan and Jane embark on a heroic adventure in the Brazilian rainforest, rescuing animals from an evil scheme and uncovering an ancient secret.

The Boss Baby: Back in Business: Season 2
There's a new threat to baby popularity: old people. But a revolutionary "stinkless" serum could give Baby Corp a competitive advantage.

Larva Island
Stranded on a tropical island, two goofy larva buddies find slapstick fun in everything from discovering food to meeting new animal friends.

Best.Worst.Weekend.Ever.: Limited Series
In this comedy series, teenage Zed and his pals face one ridiculous, hilarious predicament after another in their last weekend before high school.

A boy and his homemade robot attempt to free their oppressed nation from an evil empire and its robot centurions in this exciting animated series.

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