Jimmy Giggle: 'We're having twins' (but will he call them Giggle and Hoot?)

The kids TV presenter is gearing up for big adventure...

November 11 2018

When Jimmy Giggle (James Rees) and his wife Tori found out they were having another baby, the couple, who are already parents to three-year-old son Lenny, were over the moon.

But four weeks into Tori’s pregnancy, the doctors delivered some unexpected news – the couple would be welcoming not one, but two babies in early February next year - they're having twins!

“I almost fell over when they told me,” Tori, who is now 24 weeks pregnant, recalls of the surreal moment.



Her husband, Giggle and Hoot star James, aka Jimmy, agrees. He nearly fell off his chair when he looked at the ultrasound and saw two babies – and two boys at that!

“It still hasn’t dawned on us how crazy it’s going to be,” says the ABC Kids star with a grin. “We just have to go with the flow.”

So just how are the couple preparing for the new additions?

“It’s kind of hard to understand the challenge of having twins until it happens,” Jimmy, 30, explains.

Meanwhile, Tori admits they have been reading as much as they can to prepare for the big arrival.



“I bought James a book on how to survive having twins,” the 28-year-old adds with a smile.

Luckily for Tori, she’s had a smooth pregnancy to date, apart from a little morning sickness in the first 14 weeks.

“It was funny as Lenny would ask me what was wrong with Mummy, and I’d tell him ‘oh she’s just feeling a bit sick’ and he’d be like, ‘just take [the babies] out now’,” Jimmy laughs.

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