Identical twins give birth to sons on EXACTLY the same day


September 23 2018

Identical twins Jalynne Crawford and Janelle Leopoldo have given birth to boys on exactly the same day, in the same hospital - and the babies were delivered by the same doctor.

The twins had both suffered miscarriages last year and when they found out they were pregnant again, within four days of each other, they knew they wanted to be near each other when it was time to give birth. 



The twins live in different states in the USA but they were both advised to have C-sections so doctors scheduled their births for the same day.

Jalynne gave birth to a baby boy named Bryson Ryder at 1.29pm, while Janelle gave birth to baby Jace Alan at 4.07pm.

'We’re going to remember this for the rest of our lives,' Jalynne says.


Earlier this year, the twins sister Jennifer, died from an asthma attack so the sisters saw this birth as a way for their parents to have an event to look forward to.  

'We knew we wanted to have it on the same date so our parents could be there,' Jalynne continued.

'Everyone always asks how we decided who got to go first,' Jalynne told PEOPLE. 'Well, I was born first and got pregnant first. Plus my husband only gets three days of paternity leave.'

The sisters now say that they hope the little cousins will grow up to be as close as they are. 'Someone called them twinousins,' says Jalynne. 'And that sounds perfect!'.



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