Conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna are 12 - just look at them now!


February 22 2019

Do you remember conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna?

Way back in 2009, the three-year-old Bangladeshi sisters made headline news when they were brought to Melbourne by Australian Moira Kelly, who discovered them in an orphanage. 

Back in 2009, Moira – well known for her selfless humanitarian work – was working for the Children First Foundation. She helped the girls who were born with their skulls and brain matter fused, and had just a 25 percent chance of survival, get a life-saving operation in Australia, also at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital.




They underwent a 32 hour operation with up to 16 surgeons, led by neurosurgeon Wirginia Maixner, working together on the highly difficult operation to separate the sisters.

It was a huge success! And the girls have undergone years of therapy and medical care as they have grown up, living with Moira and her other adopted children. The twins biological mother, Lovely Goldar, moved to Australia too and she now has a son to add to her family, Matthew.

Now, a recent photo of the pair has surfaced on the internet and it’s just lovely. Taken last year, the girls are posing with their family and Moira. The girls celebrated their 12th birthday on December 22 2018.

It features on the website and turns the spotlight on the tireless work Moira has done around the world and is captioned Moira and her family today

Credit: Moira Kelly/

Credit: Moira Kelly/

The website says that the girls are doing really well. It adds, 'The twins now live with Moira in Melbourne and their biological mother and younger brother live with them too, so the twins have two mums.  They call Moira “Mummy” and their mother “Ma”. Trishna is now in grade four and Krishna attends a developmental school.'

Glad to hear the girls are doing well!