Desperate parents pay nearly $2000 to see The Wiggles in concert. Yes, really!

Wait! What? The Wiggles are the act EVERYONE wants to see!

April 15 2019

Desperate parents who missed out on buying tickets to see The Wiggles live in concert are now spending thousands of dollars so their children can see them live in concert!

Parents in Auckland, New Zealand have flooded the on-line auction site Trade Me so their kids don't miss out seeing Emma, Lachie, Anthony and Simon singing their famous hits, Toot, Toot, Chuga Chuga and Rock-A-Bye-Your Bear. 

One parent even paid the enormous sum of $1800 for three tickets to see the show at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna - that's a whopping $600 per ticket!

Tickets went on sale originally on Ticketmaster for just $37 each. 

The tickets below from are available for $800 for two, although it's thought they will go for higher during an auction.


Parents who missed out on tickets when they first went on sale are now aggressively trying to out-bid each other on black market sites ticket sites and on social media in a bid to score tickets for the sell-out tour.  

But many have slammed the crazy prices to see The Wiggles as 'ridiculous' and 'stupid'.

"Are you for real? It's crazy how people have that kind of money to spend on wiggles tickets," one parent commented.

"This is actual madness," said another.

Tickets for the Auckland shows sold out in about two minutes, leaving many children heartbroken that they couldn't see their idols on stage. 

'I'd pay anything,' said one anonymous parent. 'It's my daughter's dream to see The Wiggles live. I'm worried they won't tour for ages and she'll be too old to enjoy it so it's now or never.'

Asked how much was too much, the parent said, 'I'd pay up to $500 at the moment, but you never know how desperate I'll get.'

These tickets (below) are currently selling for $230 per ticket on Ticketmaster Resale, but it's thought they'll go for way higher nearer the concert in June. 


Ticketmaster Resale

Ticketmaster Resale


Would you pay these prices to see The Wiggles?

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