The Wiggles star, Dorothy the Dinosaur, quits!

She's called it a day

November 17 2018

Dorothy The Dinosaur has sensationally quit working with The Wiggles!

The entertainer, who plays the friendly green dinosaur who loves to dance, has decided to quit the band and concentrate on launching her own fitness empire.

Laura Hannaford, who is married to the Red Wiggle Simon Pryce (below), has decided she will not work alongside her husband any more because she has started her own business, away from the group.


Simon Pryce and Laura Hannaford

Simon Pryce and Laura Hannaford


Talking to BW Magazine Laura explained, 'I had been with them for four years, but when you're not touring you have to find non-Wiggle work, which was always hard because then you have to leave that to go on tour again.'

She has launched her own online fitness business called FHIT but it means the couple will have a long-distance relationship, as working with The Wiggles often means touring around the world for up to ten months a year.



Laura revealed 'We just manage it as best we can, if he's in a city for more than a few days, I'll try to fly out to meet him.'

The couple have been married for nearly two years after meeting when Laura - a former gymnast - started dancing with the group and Simon was the Red Wiggle. 

'We had an instant attraction and bond together. We were touring with The Wiggles and started training together and a beautiful friendship was formed,' Simon said last month in an interview.

'We were inseparable straight away,' Lauren added.

The Wiggles - made up of Simon, Anthony Field, Emma Watkins and Lachy Gillespie - have had quite a tumultuous year. In August, Emma Wiggle and her husband Lachy Wiggle announced that they were splitting up but would continue to be the Yellow Wiggle and the Purple Wiggle. Emma has also been battling the painful condition Endometriosis alongside working in the successful pre-schooler group. 


Emma and Lachy

Emma and Lachy