Wife writes her list of rules for her husband - but Facebook thinks they are INSANE!

What do you reckon?

November 12 2018

A wife who asked Facebook to comment on a list of rules she wrote for her husband is probably regretting it now, after they were SMASHED by angry followers!

Taking to the group Get It Off Your Chest, Rosiee revealed that she has issued her partner with a list of non-breakable rules that he must keep to if he wishes to stay married.

And they're pretty watertight...

Asking for "honest opinions" Rosiee went on to detail her 10 commandments which included directives for her man to have "no female friends", "no social media" and only single male mates because anyone with a partner is not allowed. 

She also says her fella must work at least 50 hours per week, not smoke at all and, on the two times a year he is allowed to have a drink he must NOT get drunk. 

Reasonable, right?


Since sharing her list earlier in the week Rosiee has been flooded with answers to her question about whether or not her list is acceptable, bearing in mind she re-wrote the list because her first one was TOO HARSH!





"You should just get a dog," laughed one commentator.

"Does he have a list for you?" asked another. Adding, "It should be, 'Stay away from me, always."

"If you have mutual respect and true love, you don't need these rules," pointed out on sensible woman. 

But perhaps the best piece of advice was for her husband when he got these rules - run!

What do you think?