Just released: Aldi's Top 10 list of special cult products

There are a few surprises here...

November 05 2018

Aldi bargains - we all love them! But finding a new Aldi product that you've never discovered is just amazing.

Now, you can find out the secret buys other Aldi shoppers keep to themselves thanks to this list, just released by the supermarket giant.

The ‘Top 10 Cult Products List’ features all the secret finds that Aussies know and love, including their to-die-for pizza bases and much-loved Greek yoghurt range. 

But many will be surprised to see how many vegan products have made the list, including several Yoconut products and their famous almond bikkies. 

So here it is - Aldi’s Top 10 Cult Products. Are your favourites on here?


1. Bakers Life 85% Lower Carb Higher Protein Bread Pros: high protein content, five star health rating, $4.99 a loaf.


Image: a_blissful_balance/Instagram

Image: a_blissful_balance/Instagram


2. Oh So Natural Peanut Butter: comes in smooth or crunchy and is made from 100 per cent peanuts and contains no additives. The best part? It’s just $2.99 a jar!  

3. Yoconut Natural Coconut Yogurt: Dairy-free, totally yum and not just bought but fans of dairy-free products

4.Yoconut Coconut Frozen Dessert : Dairy-free, gluten-free and comes in Salted Caramel and Vanilla flavours. Yes! We said Salted Caramel!  


Image: beaz_kneaz/Instagram

Image: beaz_kneaz/Instagram


5. Belmont Biscuit Co Almond Spekulatius. These have been a fan favourite for years - and are surprisingly vegan!

6. Simply Vegetarian Chickpea, Sweet Potato & Quinoa Bites: quick, nutritious ... they’ll be gone seconds. 

7. Dairy Dream Greek Style Fruit Yogurt: No added sugar and comes in Citrus Cheesecake, Passionfruit and Mango and Peach - every Aldi fan LOVES these! 

8. Urban Eats Greek Style Spanakopita: If you haven’t tried this yet, you don’t know what you’re missing - kids love them!


Image: Aldimum.com.au

Image: Aldimum.com.au


9. Bavarian Pretzel: traditional Bavarian taste every day of the week! Great for lunchboxes ... 

10. Specially Selected Woodfired Pizza: Product of the Year 2017 winner - and makes the best pizza you’ll ever eat. Three for $6.

And there you have it! Are you surprised? Frankly we thought Knoppers would be on that list - doesn't every kid love them?!