Dad's urges men to share their ‘wives’ burdens’ in Facebook post

The call to arms has gone viral for all the right reasons!

December 28 2016

The post has received over 70,000 likes and been shared 63,000 times. So far, there are more than 4,600 comments, with many praising Partridge for his respect and understanding.


Others share their own stories.


‘I'm incredibly blessed that my husband helps so much,’ one woman wrote. ‘I work part time and I enjoy doing a lot of the household work because I work less outside the home than he does but he is always serving me and our family before himself. We make a great team!’


Another lady commented: ‘So thankful to have a husband who has always done whatever it takes for me to be home with our 5 kids, and never ever said he needs his own time, even after working some very long days. After 20 yrs he's still ready to serve me 24/7, and I will never take that blessing for granted!’


And a man also took the opportunity to praise his own wife.


‘My wife is amazing she does everything,’ he wrote. ‘I'm away for months at a time when I come home for my 48 hours I do everything I can so she can just relax.’


This article originally appeared on That's Life!