Mum calls police when toddler gets stuck in toy cube - and his face is priceless!

Poor little thing!

January 30 2019

A desperate mum called the emergency services when her toddler got stuck in his toy box - and his face is just priceless.

Soona Choe tried to pull her son Luca free when the 20-month-old became wedged inside a toy designed to help teach him about shapes and colours.

“I was panicking, I had to get him out, so I had no choice; I didn’t have the tools,” she told America's ABC 7. “He got in easily but could not come back out.”





When police arrived at their home Sergeant Rick Hernandez, broke a panel on the wooden toy and managed to un-wedge little Luca and set him free! The policeman admitted later that he had requested a huge hammer to be sent over to the family's home just in case he needed tools!

But when little Luca became free of the box, the boy wasn't quite sure how to celebrate. 

“It was a priceless expression on his face,” Mr Hernandez said. “He was a little bit embarrassed about the situation.”

Bless him!