Boppi the twerking llama is THE toy every kid will want in 2019 - you've been warned!

Um...yes you read that right.

January 22 2019

You may still be cleaning up the tinsel from Christmas but it won't be long before the kids are pestering you for a new toy...or 10.

And toy experts at the Toy Fair 2019 are predicting that this new twerking llama will be the got-to-have-it toy for kids this year.

Yep. Really. And they're predicting it will sell-out!

Boppi is a llama that swishes its neck around in time to music and vigorously shakes its behind. 

Packaged as  ‘Boppi the booty shaking llama’, it runs off four double A batteries, and has got toy fans all excited.






Boppi plays three different songs and jumps about, and also responds to songs played on YouTube. Oh joy!

And while it won't hit the shelves until June, the New Zealand-created cuddly toy is already being asked for in toy stores around the country.

Llamas are the latest animal-craze with many school-aged children and their popularity is set to overtake unicorns and Baby Shark this year.

You've been warned!


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