Five must-haves for mum and bub this summer

Start writing those wish lists!

December 20 2016


According a study reported on Babes in Arms, when swaddled correctly, babies are safer since they are more likely to stay asleep on their backs. In addition, swaddling also keeps your little one in REM sleep (the most restorative, deepest sleep) for longer periods of time (which means more shut-eye for you too!) Introducing the new Ergobaby Lightweight Swaddler, which offers a simple and effective way to ensure your baby sleeps safely and soundly. In addition, the new release features soft, breathable mesh to ensure cool comfort for your baby during the warmer months.


Super-smooth and hassle free, Phil & Teds Smart Buggy is the latest in their stroller range. With convenient hand-operated parking brakes (with control at your finger tips), the Smart Buggy boasts modern & stylish fabrics, is compact and easy-to-fold and is extremely cost-effective. 


Ensuring your tiny tots stay hydrated throughout the sunnier seasons, the Eddy Kids Water Bottle is easy for kids to operate, with simplified straw and stems part that are safe and dishwasher-friendly. Combining the patented CamelBak Big Bite Valve with a stem tube and shut-off valve, this detachable one-piece component is simple for kids to use and simple for parents to clean. 


Because you simply can't watch over your baby all the time, brand-new products such as Babysense2 will help you sleep with greater peace of mine whilst it monitors the breathing movement rate of your sleeping baby. Should these breathing movements fall below a certain rate or not be detected, Babysense2 will alert you audibly and visually. Enjoy the relaxed reassurance that comes with knowing should your baby need you, you'll be alerted. 


Commonly referred to as the "world's purest water wipes", this brand-new product is the only wipe made using just water and a drop of grapefruit seed extract (because a baby's skin is much more delicate than our own). In addition, the wipes are chemical free, suitable from birth and may help avoid nappy rash (which is a common issue little ones run into from a young age). In addition, 97% of midwives believe WaterWipes are suitable for use on the skin of newborn babies, and why WaterWipes are also the only baby wipe to be approved by Allergy UK.