This new device allows you to play music to your unborn baby from a 'tampon speaker'

Wow - would you try this?

April 30 2019

From the files of it's strange but true... a Spanish company has invented a speaker that is designed to stimulate foetal development by playing sounds for your unborn baby.

And while we’ve seen plenty of music players designed to play music through the abdomen, this new device is a little different.

Rather than play music from the outside of your body, the Music In Baby device is inserted into your vagina - a bit like a tampon.


Research around the effect of sound on a foetus suggests that there are benefits to playing music for your baby while it’s still in the womb.

“This study also shows that the only way for the fetus [sic] to hear the music in the same way we do is by relaying it intravaginally. If we play music for the fetus from outside the body, through the mother’s abdomen, the fetus does not perceive it in the same way,” reads the website of Babypod, who make the device.




The tampon-shaped device isn’t cheap at around $240 but it claims to give mums a chance to have a unique experience with their bubs.

The speaker is controlled by a phone app and has split headphones allowing mums to listen along as they play their favourite tunes.

 Babypod recommends using the device for 10 to 20 minutes a day from around the week 16 mark as this is when foetus’ begin to respond to sound through movements.

The device is inserted into the vagina with the audio-cord side facing down and coming out of the vagina. Then you attach the cord to a smartphone to play the music. 

When you're done with the device, you "pull gently on the connection cord" to remove it from the vagina, similar to removing a tampon, the company said.

But is it safe?

Dr Donica Moore, a gynacologist has some reservations. She said a person could experience cervical irritation or preterm labor if they put foreign objects in their vagina during pregnancy.

"We don't know if there is a sound or decibel level too high for a fetus. Maybe there's a reason our bodies don't come equipped with vaginal speakers," she told INSIDER.

Moore said she worried that Babypod was being marketed toward pregnant people who would do just about anything to ensure their babies are healthy, and she suggested proceeding with caution.

"Anything that you may want to insert in your vagina during pregnancy should be cleared by your doctor first," she said.

Wise words. 


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