'FREE storage containers!' Coles UNDER FIRE for new collectables promotion

Social media erupts as shoppers work out you have to spend $200 to get the smallest one!

April 28 2019

When Coles shoppers discovered they could earn ‘FREE’ food storage containers in a brand new promotion, it was the news that stopped a nation!

But now the promotion has been hit with a wall of criticism, after some shoppers on social media were upset when they worked out just how much you have to spend to receive even the smallest container. 

According to Coles, customers earn 1 container credit for every $20 that they spend in the supermarket. But with the smallest container requiring 10 credits - that’s a $200 you'll need to spend for a tiny 600ml container.



Facebook users were quick to slam the promotion ‘It’s a joke. I’m spending $200 for a tiny container that I could get for a couple of bucks in Kmart? No thanks. Saving credits, all that hard work just to get a tiny container just seems like a big headache to me. It’s not like with Stikeez or Little Shop where you get something in your hand that same day.’

Another said, ‘It’s not free ... if it was free they would just hand it to you. Nothing is free. You have to spend $200 to get it. What aren’t people getting?’

And a third added, ‘Most expensive plastic containers ever! Makes Tupperware look like sistema prices!’ Added one more: ‘I just did the maths ... that makes the 1.4 litre container $400-plus! What is it, made of gold?!’



However others have slammed the disgruntled customers, pointing out that if you were spending that amount of money in Coles anyway then the collectable fresh food containers are in fact, free!

I don't get why people are saying it’s a rip off - IT'S FREE. You shop there anyway and buy groceries there anyway and they give you stamps/token for free to collect for containers. ITS FREE, with your normal shopping,' said one.

And another pointed out that at least these storage containers are useful compares to Stikeez and Little Shop collectables. ‘At last! Things for adults instead of teeny rubbish toys for kids. Yay.’

And another added, ‘Look at it thus way, if you are going buy groceries at Coles over time you will spend lots, better than those $30 spend plastic choking hazard toys, that ended up in the ocean, so in something that most households find useful.’

But still, other shoppers aren’t convinced. 

‘When you do the maths and realise you’re paying $200 for a tiny container and well over a thousand for the whole collection, it’s hard to feel like you’re getting anything for free,’ says a critic.



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