'Vomiting for seven hours a day and excruciating pain' Sophie Monk's secret illness is revealed

She's been in agony for years

November 18 2018

Sophie Monk hid excruciating pain and days of endless vomiting from her friends and fans.

The singer's friend, Mel Greig, has revealed that for 26 years Sophie had no idea what was going on with the painful periods that would sometimes leave her doubled up with pain and calling ambulances.

Now she's been given a diagnosis of Endometriosis. 

Last week, Sophie revealed that she was undergoing an operation to remove some eggs to freeze, so she could have IVF later. But doctors discovered endometriosis and performed key-hole surgery in a bid to ease her pain.





In a column on Nine Honey, her friend and fellow radio host, Mel,  revealed that Sophie had always had very painful periods since the age of 12. However, things have got progressively worse.

'In her 20s the symptoms worsened,' she revealed. 'And the nausea had turned to aggressive vomiting -sometimes for seven hours consistently. At 28 Sophie called her first of over 20 ambulances. The pain was so excruciating she couldn't walk, and at one point had to crawl to the ambulance.'




She added that Sophie rarely spoke of her condition because she had no idea what was causing such severe symptoms and no doctor had ever suggested endometriosis as a possibility.

Me reveals, 'How was she possibly maintaining her career in such pain? At one stage she checked out of hospital and went straight to set. She didn't know what was wrong and she hid it from everyone around her. She didn't want to let anyone down or not show up due to her mystery illness, and she certainly didn't want to look like a hypochondriac.'

Last Monday, Sophie shared a video of herself being given the diagnosis of endometriosis after undergoing surgery and Mel says that doctors now hope that following the operation, she will be in a lot less pain every month. 

On Friday Sophie was due to attend a Maxim magazine party thrown in her honour but was still too unwell to attend.