Parents Move Wedding To Hospital For Sick Two-Year-Old

A photo from the wedding is going viral for a heartbreaking reason

January 27 2017

Geff’s mum, Megan Dempsey who took the photo, told ABC News: "We were so happy that Logan was able to come down. It was just a nice day for Celia and Geff and a nice break from what's really been such a difficult time."


Logan Kinzel was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer a second time in November and has done five rounds of chemotherapy.


"He is a charmer, he will just look at you and you fall in love with him," his mum Celia said. "He is still smiling and playing. He had his days where he wants to lay down and be cozy all day but, for the most part, he's just a happy 2-year-old."


As for the photo, Celia says, "Everyone was really touched by it".


"I really hope from all of this, that it does bring awareness to paediatric cancer. Before this happened to Logan, I thought it was rare. I hope this sheds some light on it and people see that it's common."