Revealed: the 10 WORST baby names of 2019

Wait, what?

June 26 2019

We’re only halfway through the year, but already the list of crazy baby names has started to grow.

On a recent thread started in Netmums, parents shared the weirdest monikers they have heard this year so far.

From brands to food and just downright made-up names, here are some of the worst names people have called their kids in 2019.

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10 crazy baby names by Netmums

1. Diesel – whether it’s after the brand or the fuel, this name leaves us cold.

2. Armani – We get it, you love designer labels. Chanel, anyone?

3. Chlamydia – Honestly no words really. Except WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

4. Lettuce – There are plenty of cute food-inspired names, such as Saffron and Clementine. Naming your child after the most boring item in salad, however? No, no, no.

5. Champagne – Oh, your favourite drink! Better than Chardonnay, maybe – or is it?



6. Sparkle – This is kinda cute, if you’re an LOL doll.

7. Magic – We can see where they were going with this. Yes, babies are magic, but this name is not. Also expect lots of jokes about disappearing when they get older.

8. Bon-Quisha – Double barrel bogan name heaven.

9. Aquamarine-Melody – Either of these baby girl names on their own are slightly questionable, but together? Sorry, it’s a no.

10. Django-Wolf – Probably would have been better losing the hyphen and making this a first and second name instead of double-barrel, but hey! Live on the edge.

What are the craziest names you’ve heard this year?