Top baby girl names of 2018

The most popular monikers this year

Practical Parenting Content Editor / October 16 2018

We may only be halfway through the year, but the top baby names according to Baby Centre have already been released. Here are the top 10 picks for girls…

1 Emma
An oldie but a goodie, this classic girls’ name is an English name derived from Old German meaning ‘whole’ or ‘universal’ and was made popular by the book of the same name by Jane Austen. Famous Emmas include actresses Emma Stone and Emma Watson.

2 Olivia
Just like its masculine version, Oliver, this name, meaning ‘olive tree’, has topped the charts for some time. James Van Der Beek, Eddie Vedder and Ben Stiller all have daughters named Olivia, while famous Olivias include actresses Olivia Munn and Olivia Wilde.

3 Ava
This sweet, pretty name was made famous by actress Ava Gardner and is a variation of Eve. In Hebrew it means ‘like a bird’ while in Persian it means ‘voice’. Give your little girl this name and you may end up with a songstress on your hands.

4 Isabella
A variation on Elizabeth, this name peaked at number one in 2010 and has been popular ever since. Nickname possibilities are cute too, including Izzy, Bel and Bella. Famous Isabellas include actresses Isabella Rossellini and Bella Thorne, and model Bella Hadid.

5 Sophia
This pretty girls’ name is Greek for ‘wisdom’ and topped the charts in 2010 and 2011. Famous Sophias include actresses Sophia Loren and Sophia Vergara and director Sofia Coppola.

6 Amelia
Meaning ‘industrious’ or ‘hard-working’, this name is a blend of the medieval names Emilia and Amalia. It’s the perfect name for an adventurous little girl as she’d share it with famous aviator, Amelia Earhart. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna has a daughter called Amelia Gray.

7 Mia
This pretty name means ‘mine’ or ‘wished-for child’ in Latin. Mia was the name of choice for the daughters of royal Zara Phillips and actress Kate Winslet. Famous Mias include actresses Mia Farrow and Mia Wasikowska.

Charlotte is the feminine form of Charles and the name of many Queens in history, including the wife of King George III of England, so it is a fitting first name for Prince William and Kate Middleton's first daughter. Other famous Charlottes include author Charlotte Bronte and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Originally a surname, this cool, gender-neutral name was made famous by author Harper Lee, who penned the bestseller To Kill A Mockingbird. The name broke into the top 100 in 2011, the year David and Victoria Beckham welcomed daughter Harper Seven to their family.

10 Mila
Slavic for 'industrious' and 'hard-working', and Russian for 'dear one'. Famous Milas include actresses Mila Kunis and Milla Jovovich.  

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