JUST IN: More people named their babies after FOOD in 2018 than anything else!

Kale, clean up your room!

December 06 2018

Remember when people called their baby Darren, David or Amanda? Not these days! In 2018, parents chose far more exotic names for their little ones than ever before.

BabyCenter US, has released their annual list of the most popular names of the year, and there is a HUGE spike in the number of babies being named after FOOD. Yes, food.





That’s right, all sorts of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices inspired parents over the last 12 months. And while some of the names - such as Rosemary - have appeared on baby name lists for many years, there have been some notable newcomers. Such as, er, Kale. 

‘For girls, Kale (up 35 percent), Kiwi (up 40 percent), Maple (up 32 percent), and Clementine (up 15 percent) are on the rise,’ BabyCenter’s press release explains.

It went on to explain that other food-y named spiked as well: ‘Saffron (up 31 percent for girls), Rosemary (up 20 percent for girls), and Sage (up 15 percent for boys).’

And while we’re not sure if the names Kale and Kiwi will take off in Australia, the mind does boggle at other possibilities. What’s next - Cumin, Mandarin and Cauliflower? Or perhaps Pizza, Steak and Curry? Gulp!

Either way, it seems the trend is taking shape with one social media user suggesting that she call her baby Zucchini - or ‘Zooky’ for short. 





And of course we’ve seen Aussie celebrities embrace the food naming trend already - TV chef Pete Evan’s daughter’s name is Chilli and Lara Worthington’s son is called Rocket. 

Maybe Meghan Markle will join the trend and we'll have Prince or Princess Bolognese?

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