Mum’s AMAZING recipe makes 100 biscuits for less than $5! And it’s so easy!

This is sweeping the internet!

May 06 2019

School bake sales will never be the same again after an Aussie mum of three shared her INCREDIBLE recipe that delivers mind-blowing value!

 In a post on her Facebook page, My Smoko Break, Hayley Maudsley shared snaps from her afternoon in the kitchen where she managed to bake 100 biscuits for just $5!

Originally posted waaaaay back in September 2014, the popularity of the post was reignited with the mum re-sharing it and adding to her caption, ‘This has been the most shared recipe and post on my page. Here it is again if you missed it.’

Alongside an album of her cookie creations, Hayley shared the recipe she used which calls for just five ingredients!



My Smoko Break's recipe

500g of butter

1 cup of sugar

395g tin of condensed milk

5 cups of self-raising flour.


'Simply combine 500g of butter and 1 cup of sugar until creamy {I use a wooden spoon} now add into butter mix 1, 395g tin of condensed milk and 5 cups of SR {Self Raising flour} and continue to mix until a smooth dough has formed. From here on you can do whatever you like with them...... Then bake in moderate oven until golden brown and soft or hard, depending on how you like them...... In my previous post I suggested several additions to them, but today I made giant choc chip biscuits and raspberry jam drops out of the mix for a bake sale fundraiser. It's an affordable, tasty recipe. They freeze both cooked and as a raw dough.'



Making approximately 100 biscuits, the simplicity of the recipe is beaten only by the price.

 ‘Buying all the ingredients from Aldi was only $4.67 with left over flour,’ shared Hayley at the end of her post. 

 And if 100 bickies is a few too many for you, ‘They freeze both cooked and as a raw dough,’ Hayley advised.

Hayley's popular Facebook page, My Smoko Break, has amassed more than 128,000 fans who follow along as she shares snippets of her busy life as a mum and farmer’s wife.

She regularly posts time and money saving dinner recipes, cleaning hacks and great ideas for school lunch boxes that her three kids, aged four, six and eight, love.

Do you have any cheap recipes to share? Let us know!


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