Mum pulls genius trick to get some alone time

Why didn't we think of this?

March 19 2017

Desperate for some alone time, a mum from Chile came up with a solution we wish we'd thought of. 

Sharing an image of her escape plan in the Facebook group, Maternidarks, the woman, who wants to remain anonymous, said her son didn't notice she had slipped out. 

The picture shows the woman’s jeans stuffed with a toy and 'sitting' on the couch, giving her son the illusion she was still in the room. 





Captioning the image, she wrote: “My baby is going through that stage in which when I’m out of his sight, he starts crying, and I need to make lunch! He doesn’t want me to hold him or to play with him, he just NEEDS to know that I’m beside him, he doesn’t even look at me at the eyes, only turns around to check that me (or my leg) is indeed, there.”

The best part is that it worked. The mum revealed she managed to make herself something to eat and even go to the bathroom without him noticing. 

Would this work on your child?