New study: You burn over 50,000 calories a month looking after a child


November 06 2019

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Parents burn 1,478 calories on daily activities

The study of 1,000 respondents revealed that on the average day your little bundle of joy will help you burn 1,478 calories which equates to doing 1,179 burpees,  a win-win situation as you can spend less time feeling guilty about not going to the gym and more time at home attending to your household and children.

A full list of daily activities can be seen below:


Parents burn 2,374 calories on weekly activities

As well as the daily activities there is the joy of participating in parental tasks that take place once a week, however, fear not, another 2,374 extra calories are burnt (which equates to doing 2,029 burpees on a weekly basis!)

A full list of weekly activities can be seen below:

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