Psychologist tells mums to take kid-free holidays!

Well, if that's an order...

September 03 2018

A top psychologist has urged all mums to try and take a holiday with girlfriends - and no kids!

Psychology professor Dr Nava Silton says the constant demands of motherhood can be overwhelming and a break from the family can help mums deal with the rigours of family life. 

“Motherhood can be very stressful,' she told Fox5. 'Whether it’s financial stresses, time stresses, just trying to get a whole lot done in a very short period of time. I think it’s really important for mothers to be rejuvenated and refreshed.”

And even if your budget or your babysitting support can't stretch to a few days away, she suggest that just taking an afternoon away from the kids on a mini mum-cation can really boost your mental health. 

'It’s very important for kids to see that balance that ideally needs to be achieved in a family situation,' Dr Silton says.

What do you think? Would you feel OK to go on a kid-free mum-cation?