The reason why mums are always on their phones

And why you should cut them some slack!

April 12 2017

In fact, a quick Google search brings up plenty of articles encouraging mums to put down their phones!

Writing an article for PJ Media, Faith Moore explains why it might seem like mums are always on their phones – and encourages everyone to cut them some slack.

“Just because we’re stay-at-home moms doesn’t mean we don’t have lives outside our homes,” writes Moore.

“Our phones are our conduit to the outside world. Lots of us have freelance work or volunteer projects we need to stay on top of.

 “But even those of us who don’t are getting emails from friends and family, making grocery lists, checking in with friends on Facebook, and doing all kinds of other things that help our lives run smoothly.”


She notes that, yes, phones are addictive and it’s hard to put them down, “especially when the only human being you see all day has a vocabulary that’s limited to 'Mine,' and 'I want.' But phone addiction is another topic for another day."

Sure, our mothers and their mothers before them survived without an iPhone and while mums today know they to could survive without one, they “won’t be able to function as well, as mums, wives, friends, and daughters.”

“Because we live in a world where everyone does have a smartphone. And email, text, Facebook, etc. are all acceptable and expected methods of communication," Moore says. 

“You don’t have to like it (many don’t), but it’s the world we live in.”