JUST IN: Man who was STABBED by his wife WANTS HER BACK so they can raise their child together

This is astonishing.

May 01 2019

A dad who lost four litres of blood when he was knifed in the chest by his angry wife is desperate to have her back so they can raise their baby together.

Emma Davies, 31, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm in the Bundaberg District Court, Queensland.

The mum, also known as Emma Philippi, stabbed her husband, who was not named, after an argument in the kitchen turned violent.

The court heard how he fell into a coma for two days, lost four litres of blood and required emergency surgery to save his life.


Emma Philippi/Facebook

Emma Philippi/Facebook


Lara Solbi, Crown Prosecutor, said the couple had been fighting at home when her husband left the house.

On his return, the fight continued and she accused her partner of stealing her wallet.

The husband then picked up a large knife and began to cook chicken for dinner.

As the fight continued the couple started to physically fight and Davies picked up the knife and backed her husband into a corner, saying, ‘I'll kill you, c**t'.’

She then stabbed him in the chest and severed his mammary artery. 

Her defence barrister, Callan Cassidy, told the court that his client had taken drugs and consumed alcohol on the night of the fight and believed she had a ‘psychotic episode’.

'She regrets her conduct in the extreme,' Mr Cassidy said.

'They have reconciled and look forward to the future.' 

As she was sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison, Davies mouthed 'I love you' to her husband and their baby and she’s eligible for parole in November, 2019.


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