Grieving parents of toddler targeted AGAIN with FAKE GoFundMe page

Just horrendous

Content Editor / May 01 2019

A Melbourne couple who had to say their final goodbyes to their beloved baby girl Amiyah and were blackmailed by a woman pretending to have their phone have been targeted yet again.

Just days after being caught up in an alleged blackmail plot, Jay and Dee Windross discovered that a fake GoFundMe page was set up in their family’s name.

The pledge description read: “Click here to support help little Amiyah’s battle organised by Dimitri Chambers.”

The fake page was brought to the attention of the couple by a Facebook user from Western Australia, Nine News reports.



“As if someone pretending to have your phone and trying to extort money from you when not even in possession of the phone isn't enough,” Mr Windross wrote on Facebook.

“Someone is now trying to scam money from the very generous people who plan on pledging their earnings in memory of Amiyah.

“I honestly can't believe the nerve of some people? Seriously had enough of this!”

The page was brought to the attention of GoFundMe staff, who quickly removed it from the platform.

After making a public appeal for the return of a stolen phone which contained photos of their daughter, the couple were allegedly contacted, harassed and blackmailed by Malaysian national Siti Kamal, who demanded $1000 from them.

Ms Kamal, however, did not have their phone, and faced court earlier this week for blackmail.

The couple are still desperately trying to retrieve the phone so they can recover the precious memories of their daughter.

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