Are you ready for a Kmart cafe in your local store?

Kmart lovers are very excited!

April 30 2019

Today marks the 50th birthday of Australia's favourite store, Kmart. 

To celebrate, the discount chain store posted old photos of their stores over the past five decades and invited fans to tell their ‘favourite Kmart memory’.

And it seems there was one resounding memory that fans all found great delight in reliving - Holly’s Cafe. 

The eatery was an favourite part of shopping at Kmart during the 1980s and 90s, with every store featuring a Holly’s Cafe and ‘chips and gravy’ being the most popular item on the menu.

Recounting the memories, one fan wrote: ‘You could shop and eat. It was always such a treat.’

Added another: ‘Holly’s Cafe, chips and gravy, by far the best memory of Kmart.’




Said a third: The chips and gravy in your old cafes.’

Well, now it seems there’s a desperate push to bring a modern-day Holly’s Cafe back to your local Kmart - and it’s a move that’s apparently being considered by some Kmart bosses. 

Said one person who claims to be a long-time employee on Reddit: ‘Bosses have been talking about it for a while, bringing back Holly’s Cafe. It could be like IKEA and people would stay heaps longer in store to eat, meaning they would spend more money. Kmart can do no wrong in people’s eyes, so there’s a lot of people who reckon this could be a winner.’




And if the response to all the Holly’s Cafe memories today is anything to go on, the employee is spot on. 

‘Bring back the cafes! They were awesome!’ said one fan.

Another added: ‘You defo gotta bring back Holly’s.’

And while there's no official word on Holly's Cafe back to store, a spokesperson for Kmart told ‘Holly’s Café forms an iconic chapter in our last 50 years with many of our current and past team members, as well as customers shopping, dining and creating many lifelong memories and friendship in the store.’


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