Toddler is bitten EIGHT times at daycare but parents still don’t know what REALLY happened

Just awful

Content Editor / April 30 2019

A little girl who was just on her second day at daycare experienced an horrific attack, allegedly from another child.

Her parents were completely distraught when they picked their 15-month-old daughter Mila up from Sunrise Preschools and found her with huge bite marks on her back.

Rylee Umsted and Rocio Enriquez from Maricopa, Arizona, were told that a daycare worker was busy changing another child’s nappy at the time the incident occurred.

The parents have requested to see surveillance footage so they can see what happened, but the centre are refusing to release the video.



When Mila’s father arrived to pick up his daughter, school officials said she’d had a few bites, however when he lifted her shirt to look, there were eight huge welts on her back.

“It freaked me out. I froze up, just shocked,” he said.

“She was shaking and I knew she didn’t want to be there.”

A daycare official told the parents that “there were three children in the classroom including my daughter,” mum Rocio said. “A teacher was changing a diaper... when another child went on top of her and started biting her.”

“One bite mark that you look at you'd be like, she'd be screaming bloody murder. So I want to know if someone heard a scream, where was management?” The daycare said that the incident happened in less than 30 seconds.



“We don't know what to think because we don't know the true answer,” Rylee said. “But there's a video out there that tells the truth.”

The parents have requested for footage to be released so they can get to the bottom of it and ensure the same thing doesn’t happen to another child.

The daycare centre has issued an apology and the child involved in the attack has been expelled.

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