SELLING OUT FAST! Australia is desperate for this $29 Kmart decoration.

Do you know where you can get it?

October 08 2018

Aussie families have gone nuts for this Kmart sausage dog Christmas decoration which costs just $29 - and are desperate to get their hands on it!

Even though Christmas is 78 days away the sparkly pup seems to be on most wish-lists already.

The low voltage tinsel sausage dog light, complete with Santa hat, is made up of 40 LED lights and stands at 55cm high.



And even though it's not even Halloween yet, Aussies are clamouring to get their hands on the perky pooch to complete their Christmas decorations. 

'It's sold out everywhere! Can anyone find me a Kmart that has it and I will pay you to get it for me!' said one follower of The Flawsome Mum Facebook group.

'Can't find this anywhere,' said another follower. 'And I haven't even bought one Halloween decoration yet!!!!'

The festive doggy comes hot on the heels of another Kmart Christmas pressie best-seller the giant white reindeer, which is also thought to have sold out in most Kmarts around the country. 



And if you're quick you might be able to find another of the most-wanted decorations - a pink light-up Santa-hatted flamingo. 

The bird, standing on one leg, is just $19 and still available on-line and in-store. 


Credit: Kmart

Credit: Kmart


So basically, what we're saying is that if you want Christmas to go with a swing this year, you need a random animal in a Santa hat - and ta-da - the best Christmas ever! All you have to do is track these down!

Kmart is really embracing Christmas this year with 395 festive items now available to buy online.




Do you have one of these already? Are they still on sale in your local Kmart?