This three-year-old’s Kmart hack has sent the internet into a frenzy! But can you spot it?

It's got more than 6000 Facebook likes!

Writer / August 23 2018

A mum who posted her son's Kmart hack on Facebook has sent fans wild with her little boy's art 'hack'.

The post appeared on Facebook group Kmart Mums Australia and has more than 6.3 thousands likes!

The mum, Brandii, who posted it revealed that her three year old had stuck googly eyes on this Kmart framed print of a Highland Cow and fans of the Facebook group couldn’t get enough!

Credit: Kmart Mums Australia

Credit: Kmart Mums Australia

This was how the $19 print looked before the toddler got his hands on it!

Credit: Kmart

Credit: Kmart

‘It’s genius,’ said one!

‘Your son should have his own Facebook group,’ laughed another.


Do you have a Facebook hack you want to share? Does your child have one?!

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