Kmart have HUGE shopping news - and it's going to change our lives

You won't believe what they're introducing now!

September 12 2018

Could Kmart get any better?

Yes! The chain store have just announced that they are introducing Afterpay which basically means life just got a whole lot easier for online shoppers!

'We will be making a formal announcement about our new partnership early next week, but can confirm that customers will soon have the option to use Afterpay for online purchases,' a Kmart spokesperson has confirmed. And it will come into effect from September 18!


Afterpay allows shoppers to buy goods online and then have them delivered to the door without paying a cent. Instead, you pay the balance over four equal installments, due every two weeks - all with no interest or fees.

It's almost like a reverse lay-by!

One happy shopper wrote online, 'THIS IS NOT A DRILL. KMART IS GETTING AFTERPAY!! Launching online mid September.'

Could they make it any easier to shop now?

Buy this Kmart chair with Afterpay!

Buy this Kmart chair with Afterpay!

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