IKEA launch $6 flat-pack chocolate Easter bunny - just build it yourself!

But will there be arguments over the instructions?

March 05 2019

Who needs Easter Eggs?

Ikea is famous for its simple, cost-effective self-assembly homewares (and meatballs) - but now the superstore has gone one step further and launched a flat-pack Easter bunny!

The Swedish furniture brand is launching this chocolate bunny in time for Easter. He (or she) comes in small pieces and requires assembly before you eat it!

Ready for the arguments?




The VÅRKÄNSLA flat-pack chocolate bunny is a three-piece milk chocolate rabbit made using certified cacao from sustainable sources. 

When built, following those Ikea instructions we know and love, it stands up on its hind legs - ready to be eaten! Ikea flat-packs are usually very tricky to decipher when you're surrounded by random bolts, screws and instructions you don't understand, but that won't happen with the choccie version!

But this VÅRKÄNSLA milk chocolate bunny is said to be easier to construct than your average flat-pack furniture!

Will you risk divorce by giving it a go? Or will you just stick to the regular Cadbury Easter Eggs!?

Priced at $6, Ikea say, 'Go ahead, play with your food! That’s what this certified sustainable chocolate bunny is for. It’s easily assembled, only three parts. And when finished playing, we bet you’ll enjoy eating it, too.'


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