The humble IKEA table that could be worth a fortune

Experts say it could be sell for thousands in the future

Content Editor / August 28 2018

The iconic LÖVBACKEN side table from IKEA currently sells for $79 in Australia, but auctioneers say that it could be worth over $3000 in around 10 years’ time.

Barneby’s co-founder and antique blogger Pontus Silfverstolpe described it as “a wonderful little table with fantastic heritage” and says it has become a collectable “for the most discerning of furniture experts”, reports

The simple yet elegant leaf-shaped table was designed back in the 1950s and designer Gillis Lundgren is believed to have inadvertently started the flatpack revolution when he was forced to saw the legs off to fit it in his car.

The table has been re-released a couple of times over the years and has become hot property with bidders at some of Sweden’s leading auction houses.

“I wouldn't be surprised if the development in its value would look like this in the future,” Mr Silfverstolpe added.

According to the IKEA website, the ‘distinct grain pattern in the poplar veneer gives each table a unique character.'

Get it while you can, we say!

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