IKEA cup ‘explodes’ in woman’s face

The cup smashed her teeth and knocked her unconscious

November 06 2018

IKEA have been ordered to pay a woman $8000 in compensation after her face and teeth were damaged by a glass mug.

The Beijing woman was drinking a hot drink from a Stelna mug in May last year when it shattered, broke her front tooth, split her lip and knocked her unconscious, according to a report from AsiaWire.

Ms Wang was hospitalised and had to have four stitches to her lip.



“I’m lucky the glass didn’t enter my eye,” she said. “I hope IKEA investigates and gets to the bottom of this as soon as possible.”

Apart from the physical damage, the women said the event had also made her more anxious and nervous, especially when she hears loud sounds.



“During the day I feel depressed and it has seriously affected my work,” she said.

A Beijing court ruled that there was not sufficient evidence to prove that the mug was flawed but ordered IKEA to compensate Ms Wang 40,000 yuan ($8000) for her injuries, as well as refunding her for the cup.

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