Ikea Antilop High Chair Reviews: Mum Tried and Tested!

Hmm, should you spend $300 on a highchair or $30...? It's a toughie, but this Ikea Antilop High Chair Review should answer the question. Hint: Less is more!

Practical Parenting Parenting Reviews Editor / February 20 2019

Naomi, mum of Harlow, 2, estimates that she has served up around 3000 brekkies, lunches, dinners and snacks to her little one to date (but who’s counting?!). That’s A LOT of highchair usage. Here, Naomi and other mums dish up their stellar Ikea Antilop High Chair Reviews

The Reviewers

Aussie mum Naomi and her daughter Harlow, now 2.

The product?

Ikea Antilop Highchair with Tray, $24.99.

Why fork out big bikkies for a high chair, says Naomi.

Baby talk: Tell us about it?

"I bought the Ikea Antilop Highchair with the tray for my first daughter, eight years ago and loved it. Then when I fell pregnant with my second child, Harlow, now 2, it was a given we’d use it again.

We used the Antilop highchair ($19.99), the tray ($5), and the supporting cushion insert ($8.99) when Harlow was still little and needed support sitting upright. Now that she is two we have removed the tray and just sit the highchair up at the table."

Easy as 1, 2, 3? Was it tricky to assemble?

"No! The legs click into the plastic highchair seat easily. It has a safety strap attached it is so easy to clean. I just take it out the backyard and hose it down ready for the next sitting – unlike wooden highchairs which can splinter and you can’t wash them because the wood spoils."

Safety pins: Any precautions?

"The tray is a tad fiddly to attach and detach – so don’t put it on or take it off when your baby is sitting in the chair."

Baby steps: How did you use it?

"I did baby-led weaning with Harlow from about 5 ½ months of age. She had just started tasting foods when she started using the highchair with the support cushion inserted. I wouldn’t even bother using a plate – I just placed finger foods from my plate straight onto the highchair tray for Harlow to taste. Because the tray is plastic, it didn’t matter if she mashed foods and purees around on it - I just washed the food off with a hose post meal and it was ready to go again!"

Mums the word: Would you recommend it?

"Yes! I bought the first highchair for my first daughter, but I was actually given the second one which I used for Harlow. And I ‘paid it forward’ and gave it to another mum to use for her baby now!"

The verdict


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