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Parenting Reviews Editor / April 03 2019


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Practical Parenting’s Mum REVIEWcrew® are recruiting mums with children aged 12+ months to age 3 ½ to road-test and review the S-26® Alula® Original Toddler milk drink.

What is it?

S-26® Alula® Original Toddler is a nutritious milk drink containing vitamins and minerals to help support toddlers' growth and development from 1 year when dietary intakes of energy and nutrients may be inadequate.

What’s in it for you?

We’ll send you (well, your toddler!) the S-26® Alula® Original Toddler milk drink 900 gram can to trial. After you’ve trialled it, just write a review about the product here:

Sign me up!

To express interest in this Practical Parenting Mum REVIEWcrew® to trial the S-26® Alula® Original Toddler milk drink please click on the following link and complete the short survey:

‘Register Your Interest In S-26® Alula® Original Toddler milk drink HERE.’

To be eligible

  • Participants must have a toddler aged between 12 months and 3 ½ years old.
  • Participants must be able to submit reviews prior to April 23, 2019.
  • Participants must read S-26® Alula® Original Toddler milk drink for ingredients, information, contraindications and cautions and suitability prior to use.

What’s involved?

  • Road-testers will be sent 900g S-26® Alula® Original Toddler milk drink.
  • Following trial of the product, parents are asked to submit a review of 50 words or more HERE

Tips for Reviewing

Things to consider when reviewing a product might include:

  • Did it smell nice? 
  • Did it taste nice? 
  • Did it do what the product claimed to do? 
  • Did your toddler enjoy it? 
  • Is it something you buy or recommend to other mums? 

Franki Hobson is a women’s lifestyle journalist and editor with more than twenty years’ experience. Her areas of expertise include parenting and health and well-being. Franki has two gorgeous boys, Maxwell, 10, and Louis, 1 ½.