Husband gives wife a hamster as a present after her miscarriage - and she's horrified

It did not go down well... what do you think of his gift?

February 01 2019

A husband who gave his wife a hamster as a gift after her miscarriage can't understand why she was upset by the gesture. 

And the confused husband took to Reddit to ask why she would have taken such offence to his present.

He explained that he and his wife have fallen pregnant twice and tragically miscarried twice. The last miscarriage was in the second trimester of the pregnancy and was very traumatic for both of them. 

"Our second miscarriage was in the second trimester," he wrote on Reddit. "And was very difficult as we both started to feel like 'mommy and daddy.'  We were 'competing' over which gender it would be."





Tragically, after finding out that they were having a girl, they lost baby Charlotte. "She's been despondent these past few months," he wrote. "I haven't been exactly ecstatic either but she won't even eat some days."

So he thought a gift would help her recover - but it backfired on him when he gave her a hamster with the message, 'Would you be my new mommy?'





Instead of being thrilled, his 21-year-old wife reacted "terribly" and called him an "insensitive asshole."

"I'm just trying to help and the way she reacted put me on the defense so we got into an argument and aren't on speaking terms," he wrote. "I keep the hamster with me on the coffee table as I sleep on the living room couch. I've seen her play with it but she wont talk to me."





Reddit fans were quick to react to their heartfelt post with some telling him that he was more stupid than insensitive.

"Why would you do this? I understand you were trying to help but a card asking her to be the mum to a hamster when she can't be a mum to a child? Man, that  is next-level dumb!"

"She is grieving," said another. "I know you meant well, but it's like saying that she wasn't able to be a mum to a baby so a hamster will do? Can you see that?"

"I died a little, I cringed so hard," said one more. 

Another husband who has been through his share of miscarriages told the man that he needs to talk out his ideas before he executes them.

What do you think of the husband's gift? 

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