'My wife still breastfeeds our six-year-old and I want her to stop - what should I do?'

One dad's plea for help

November 28 2018

A husband has revealed his secret hell by asking if he should ask his wife to stop breastfeeding their six-year-old son. 

The man, who does not want to be named, told Practical Parenting that he feels uncomfortable about his wife breastfeeding their little boy - who is in Year One at school - but is unsure how to handle it.

‘I’m hoping someone out there can help me,’ he wrote. ‘My wife is still breastfeeding our six-year-old son and I find it odd and I know others do too. Even my son looks a little bit embarrassed. But is it really up to me?"





He added, ‘She is a big supporter of “extended breastfeeding” and just tells me a lot about the benefits - health and emotional - to keep feeding him, but I am just getting more and more uncomfortable with it. She wants to continue as long as possible.

'I feel like I should be supportive of this. I feel like I should be the guy who is proud of his wife for this beautiful thing they've got going. But I'm not. I feel weird and very dis-loyal.

‘I am embarrassed for my son and I’m nervous that he’s going to get bullied at school if the other kids find out. He has mentioned it to a few kids and they have said that it is weird but that's been it so far. I think he thinks everyone does this.

'He’s old enough now to just have food and get his nutrients elsewhere - I don’t agree with my wife on this, and I’m worried we’re opening him up to a world of ridicule.'

‘My wife won’t listen and says it’s her and my son’s decision, and I do agree. But does anyone have any tips on how to handle it?'

His question comes after a UK mum hit the headlines recently and defended her decision to breastfeed her nine-year-old daughter. 

‘When I came to have Charlotte, I had decided on natural term weaning. It’s nice for the child to be in control of when they want to wean, rather than forcing the issue,’ Sharon Spink, 50, announced on Practical Parenting.

What do you think? Should he tell his wife his worries?