Woman's lost pregnancy announcement goes viral as internet searches for the Dad

This is hilarious!

January 08 2019

One woman chose an unusual way to announce her pregnancy to her partner when she wrote a letter and gave it to him to be opened on New Year’s Eve.

Staff at a nightclub in Nottingham in the UK found the note unopened in the aftermath of the celebrations, and shared the hilarious message inside on the club’s Facebook page.

“Our cleaners have just finished cleaning after NYE and have found this sealed envelope. We’ve just opened it and now we need to know, does Josh know?!” they wrote.

The announcement is written as a poem by ‘Sarah’, thanking ‘Josh’ for a special few years and letting him know she’ll be collecting him after the NYE party.




She then goes on to say that she hopes he’s had fun and lets him know that she is expecting their baby.

The hilarious note ends with a suggestion to choose another way to be intimate without resulting in a pregnancy!

The post has garnered almost 2000 comments and has been shared more than 750 times as punters desperately try to find out who Sarah and Josh are, and if Josh knows that he’s going to be a Dad!

However, due to the sensitive nature of the note, it’s unlikely Sarah and Josh will be coming forward any time soon!