Coles' new BARGAIN bulk-food range saves shoppers SERIOUS cash!

Move over, Costco!

Content Editor / May 15 2019

Coles is super-sizing its product range to compete with Costco.

The larger product range is available in stores from Wednesday May 15 and includes pancake and cake mixes, pasta, cereals, cous-cous and bread crumbs,

Coles expects customers will save up to 60 per cent on the bulk purchase of some products and up to 40 per cent on others.



“Over winter our customers love to stock up on staples,” Coles senior communications manager Martine Alpins told A Current Affair.

“Things that you don't want to have to keep buying at the supermarket.

“You can buy once and have it there ready to go for your family.”

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Some of the top bargains include:

• 1.3kg boxes of Kellogg’s Unicorn Fruit Loops for $13

• 5kg packets of Barilla pasta varieties for $14

• 1kg packs of Panko bread crumbs for $5.

• 2.3kg buckets of Green’s cake mix in a variety of flavours for $11

• 1.75L bottles of soy sauce for $5

Coles shopper Micah Webb told ACA:

“I think it gives us the opportunity as mums to spend less time in the shop and more time at home with our families.”

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