Coles supermarket launches $80 'Community Box'

On ya Coles.

Editor / April 05 2020

Coles supermarket has announced they are following Woolworths and launching their own $80 Community Box.

The box is especially for vulnerable Australians who may find it difficult to shop in-store.

Says Coles: 'As part of our commitment to helping those most in need during this challenging time, we’ve created the Coles Community Box.'

The box will be delivered by Australia Post in two packages and will be enough for two people aged 65+ for 7 days.

Containing items for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also household items. 


Coles Community Box. Image: Coles

Coles Community Box. Image: Coles


The box contains:


*Long Life Milk 2L

*Fruit Juice 2L

*Oats or Cereal (e.g. Weet-Bix) min. 375g

*Spread (e.g. jam, Vegemite) min. 375g

*Cereal bars (or dried fruits) x4 (min. 100g each)


Lunch and Dinner:

*Pasta or Rice 1kg

*Canned Vegetables (e.g. beans, legumes, pulses) x 6 (approx. 400g each)

*Canned soup and meals x 4 (approx. 400g each)

*Canned Fish or Meat x2 (approx. 200g each)

*Canned Fruit (approx. 400g)

*Baked Beans (or similar) x2 (min. 420g each)

*Tortilla Wraps x1 (8 units)



*Tea (min. 50 bags) or Instant Coffee (min. 100g)

*Biscuits (e.g. wafers, snacks) min. 175g


Household essentials

*Toilet Paper min. 4-pack

*Soap (or similar hygiene product) min. 1 bar/unit

*Cleaning Spray (min 250ml) or Cleaning Wipes (min. 25 units)


Woolworths Basics Box. Image Woolworths.

Woolworths Basics Box. Image Woolworths.


Compare the two boxes. Woolworths Basics Box contents listed below.


Woolworths Basics Box contents. Image: Woolworths.

Woolworths Basics Box contents. Image: Woolworths.


Both Woolworths and Coles say that items listed are a guide only and items will be replaced with like products if items are unavailable.

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