Can you guess who this is?

The Aussie star posted this 37-year-old photo!

October 02 2018

Recognise this face?

Anthony Wiggle posted this throw-back photo of himself on Instagram and some fans just couldn't tell it was him!





With the caption 'Pimples ,eyebrow and thin tie! Flashback to 1981!!!' the Blue Wiggle ,who is the only original member of the group left, stunned fans with the photo.

Anthony was just 18 in the snap - he's 55 now. 

One fan thought the 37-year-old snap was Daniel Radcliffe who played Harry Potter while another said they could not believe that it was the Wiggle who is currently on a tour of Canada. 

Pimples ,eyebrow and thin tie! Flashback to 1981!!!
Pimples ,eyebrow and thin tie! Flashback to 1981!!!


But his brother Paul, remembered when and where the photo was taken commenting, 'That was before one of our first gigs at a bowling club'.

Any more photos to share, Anthony?

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