$4 washing powder is best in market!

It's beaten ones that are three times the price!

August 19 2018

Question: Which washing powder is the best?

Answer: The cheapest one!

A test of 100 washing machine powders and detergents has revealed a supermarket's own brand washing powder is the best! CHOICE, who conduct tests on consumer goods, has revealed they have rated Coles Ultra Front as its best buy – and it only costs $4!

 After numerous tests it rated with a score of 81 per cent.

 It was followed up by OMO Ultimate Front with a score of 80 per cent and a price of $21.99.

 Third was OMO Ultimate, priced at $21.99. It was rated with a 64 per cent score.


Top ten laundry brands!

  1. Coles' Ultra Front, $4
  1. OMO Ultimate Front, $21.99
  1. OMO Ultimate, $21.99
  1. Trimat Advanced Laundry Powder, $5.69
  1. OMO Active Clean, $10
  1. OMO Comfort, $10
  1. Coles' Smart Buy Top, $3.70
  1. OMO Active Clean, $10
  1. OMO Comfort Front, $19.99
  1. Trimat Sensitive Front, $5.69

Source: CHOICE.com.au 


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