Mum says her family can’t live in $300,000 a year!

She believes the family are struggling to get by

August 16 2018

Could you and your family live on $300,000? One mum says it’s impossible!

 The woman, from Western Sydney, makes $170,000 and her husband earns $130,000 but she believes that the cost of living is too high and they struggle to make ends meet.

 The parents send their children aged eight and five to a public school but they have many activities outside of school including swimming lessons and cheerleading.

 The woman, known only as Steph, told she couldn’t work out how other families survive on less.

 ‘'My husband and I don't know how families on one income do it,' she said. 

 Childcare costs the family a massive $1000 every month and while the mum says she doesn’t splurge on many thinks she does admit she loves fine wine and the family eat organic food.

 The Australian Bureau of Statistics says that a full-time adult earns, on average $1,653.00 a week.


What do you think of Steph’s claims?


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