7 ways to save for your next holiday

Simple steps to achieving your travel goals

August 15 2018

Family holidays are all about creating memories, bonding with our children and recharging the batteries. New research from NRMA Blue has found that families spend at least 12 months saving for their holiday. Consumer Finance expert Canna Campbell is a single mum to Rocco, five, and says with the right tips and planning, we can achieve our travel goals without putting too much stress on the household budget.

1. Create a separate savings account I always recommend setting up a separate savings account named ‘holiday savings’ so you can visually see the financial goal you are working towards. Try adding small amounts over a longer period of time. Even $15 a week will add up quickly.
2. Join a member benefits program This will give you the tools you need to plan for the entire holiday, along with exclusive discounts on those big-ticket items that often blow the holiday budget; fuel, accommodation, car hire, transport, entertainment and attractions (things like the Zoo, aquarium, movie tickets and theme parks).
3. Book online Some places offer discounts if you prepay by booking online in advance. There are some incredible savings out there if you plan in advance and book online.

💙💜💛 @physio_tom
💙💜💛 @physio_tom

4. Consider the facilities Staying in accommodation with kitchen and laundry facilities means you can prepare meals or eat in before heading out for the day. Somewhere where you can easily do a load (or two!) of washing without being charged a fortune is also helpful.
5. Do your research Plan your days out so you can plan out your budget. Prioritise where you want to go and what to visit as a family so additional costs don’t creep in. 
6. Find free attractions Libraries, local markets, museums and kids parks are great. Climbing trees, playing in a sand pit or visiting the beach are all fun too and cost nothing.
7. Always pack snacks Bring food when you're out and about and especially for long car trips. Hungry tummies can be expensive, so take water and snacks with you to help save money.