You won't believe what Mikey from Look Who's Talking looks like now!

He's now a 40-year-old a dad-of-three!

September 12 2018

Remember that cute little kid, Mikey, in Look Who's Talking

Kirstie Alley played his mum (Mollie) and John Travolta (James) became his stand-in dad when he drove the taxi that took her to hospital when she was was in labour.

The little actor who won the role of Mikey was Jacob Haines and he was the eldest of four kids who got to play the wise-cracking toddler, voiced by Bruce Willis.

Look Who's Talking

Look Who's Talking


He even got to dance with John Travolta!



That movie was made waaaaay back in 1989. Feel old? Well, prepare to feel a touch older when you find out that Jacob Haines who played Miley now looks like THIS!


Jacob Haines as Mikey and now!

Jacob Haines as Mikey and now!


And, believe it or not, he's now a 6ft2 dad with three kids of his own now and works at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

He's a trained singer, actor and dancer and travels a lot starring in TV ads. Eagle-eyed One Tree Hill fans might have seen him in series two as Greg.



His kids are called Christina, Matthew, and Joshua (wonder why none of them were named Mikey?) and he's married to an actress. 

Not sure if he's still in touch with John Travolta or Kirstie Alley but he's sure made any kid who watched this film growing in the 90s feel very old!

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